Infectious Audio
This studio was once home for a
gentleman farmers live stock but now this century old 
barn houses Vintage Amps, Guitars and other noise
making machines i.e. samplers, turntables
drums and keyboards.

At the ready to record anything from voice overs
to live bands

Digital recordings using Macintosh G5 OSX 
Pro-ToolsHD 3 192 - version 7.3 software with
automated control 24 consol.
Amp Farm, Bomb Factory, Waves, Purple Audio,
T-Rax, Sample Tank
Akai MPC 4000 and Akai S5000 samplers
Mic pre-amps: Neve, API and OSA,
Vintage / Tube mics, Ribbon mics, MXL V69,
Shure57, AKG D112, Audix

914 438 9328
track n’ mix